Monastery and World:
Live in Both

  • Live in our community part-time or full-time

  • Participate in our daily activities

  • Learn to live monastically
    in the world

  • Cultivate the spirit of contemplative spirituality

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External Oblate

This identifies men (including non-Catholics) who for one year promise to live a monastic life, alternating time between their normal living and regularly scheduled living within the monastery. At least six live-in periods of flexible length are desirable during the year. This promise is renewable. If the desire to explore a life-commitment arises, the status of Family Brother may be pursued.

Contact: Bro. Francis, Vocation Director
(417) 683-5110 Ext. 3

Do you feel drawn to the contemplative life, but not willing or able to divest yourself of current responsibilities and lifestyle in order to consider a life-time commitment? Would you like to enter into a deeper communion with the monks of Assumption Abbey, experiencing some of the rigors and rewards of monastic life while continuing with your present life and work?

The monks invite such men (including non-Catholics) to experience a deeper spiritual journey by offering a one-year, renewable opportunity to enter into an "external oblate" relationship with the monastic community. This entails a commitment to spend a minimum of six weekends of the year at the monastery - praying, working, and eating with the monks to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the harmony and balance that monastic life offers. At your option, you may also arrange to spend your vacation time at the monastery for an extended period of participation in monastic life. Additionally, you will receive instruction in how to pray the Divine Office daily while you continue your life outside the monastery.

One of the monks will serve as your personal contact to discuss mutual expectations, any apprehensions you may confront during the year, and assist your discernment as to whether or not to request renewal of your commitment for another year.

The monks welcome your interest in pursuing an "external oblate" commitment.