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Vocation Questions

During my thirty-six years as a monk I've been asked many questions which would be standard knowledge for any monk. Perhaps the most frequently asked question is, do monks take a "vow of silence?" Other questions, in this category, are: Do monks ever go out? Do monks ever have a misunderstanding? Can you be married and be a monk? Do monks enter a monastery to escape from the world? As stated above, these are customary questions I've been asked dozens of times which show that there are many people who wonder about the monastic life.

There are other questions that are on a deeper level and, characteristically, have to do with our relationship with God and one another. What is the prayer life of a monk like? What is Lectio Divina? These are good questions that are usually asked by people who are soul searching and are serious about their relationship with God.

Questions about the monastic life often include the following: What does monastic mean? What is the Rule? If you Cistercians follow the Rule of St. Benedict and the Benedictines follow the same Rule, what is the difference in your Orders? What is the difference between Trappists and Cistercians?

To conclude, asking questions on a monastic web site may turn out to be interesting if not fascinating to you. Many, though, preface their question by saying: "This is probably a stupid question." Remember, a question may sound stupid to you, but if you are really searching for truth, then where is the stupidity? Lastly, truth can be challenging and may even lead to adventure.

May God Bless You!

Br. Francis
Vocation Director

If you are interested in or have been discerning a call to religious life, you might be interested in attending our next vocations weekend. Note that if you would like your Vocation Question NOT published on this page, please indicate in your message that you would like it to remain private.