Monastery and World:
Live in Both

  • Live in our community part-time or full-time

  • Participate in our daily activities

  • Learn to live monastically
    in the world

  • Cultivate the spirit of contemplative spirituality

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Long-Term Retreat

This ecumenical possibility is for persons wishing to live monastically for some months. Men may live in the monastery, participating in the life of the monks. Married couples and women will reside in the Family Guest House (located one mile from the monastery), where living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom, and laundry facilities are provided. Relationship and participation with the monastery will be worked out on an individual basis.

Contact: Superior
(417) 683-5110 Ext. 6

Increasingly we are finding persons who are intrigued by the possibility of living monastically for a short period of time, perhaps from 3-6 months. The desire is to leave behind the noise and busyness of one's ordinary life in order to experience an alternative way of living. For many years, Trappist monasteries have been cloistered, set apart from the world. While preserving the spirit of this separation, Assumption Abbey is now willing to make available the option of a Long-Term Retreat for men, women, or couples, no matter their spiritual affiliation.

Trappists are especially known for their contemplative life of silence and solitude. For this, Assumption Abbey lies nestled within 3,400 acres of wooded Ozark hills, complete with springs, streams, and caves. Those on a Long-Term Retreat will normally participate in the liturgy with the monks, beginning with Vigils at 3:30 A.M., and concluding with Compline at 7:40 P.M.

Men will be permitted to live within the monastery itself, living fully the monastic life, which includes the Divine Office and liturgies, lectio divina (sacred reading), monastic work, spiritual direction, and contemplation.

Women and couples are invited to reside at the Family Guest House (approximately one mile from the monastic complex), on a hill overlooking the Bryant Creek Valley. Available are private rooms, with access to common living space, kitchen, and laundry. Meals can be made available at the monastic dining room in the Guest Wing of the monastery itself. These persons will live a monastic life, simulating any experiences not directly possible with the monks themselves.

We invite you to explore with us how Assumption Abbey might provide this unique experience for you.

The participants will live the full monastic day, including time for personal prayer, reading, and walks, supplemented with presentations by individual monks on the Rule of St. Benedict and various aspects of the monastic life.