Monastery and World:
Live in Both

  • Live in our community part-time or full-time

  • Participate in our daily activities

  • Learn to live monastically
    in the world

  • Cultivate the spirit of contemplative spirituality

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Monks from other monasteries, who wish to experience the greater solitude and silence which our secluded monastery offers, may spend 1-3 years (flexible), fully sharing in and contributing to the life of this small monastic community.

Contact: Superior
(417) 683-5110 Ext. 6

Secluded in the Ozark Mountains, half an hour from the nearest town, Assumption Abbey provides a rare opportunity for serious solitude and silence. Monks from other monasteries and orders can benefit from the opportunity to live for a period of time immersed in this more remote, quiet, contemplative environment.

While most monasteries seek some degree of separation from the world, the world has a way of expanding to surround monastic space until both the visual and aural are invaded. Blessed with 3,400 forested acres in the rolling Ozark hills, silence is a way of life at Assumption Abbey. Springs, streams, and caves add to the rare contemplative beauty of this sacred place where we live. Since our community is small and friendly, monks from other monasteries will find a ready acceptance and participation. Our liturgy is simple yet profound so that a stranger does not feel strange for long. Even our work in the bakery manifests the quiet and prayerful atmosphere defining our monastic community.